How does it work

One platform that serves as an easy-to-use operational toolkit
that meets customer's needs.

It can be quickly adapted to integrate simple manual business processes and activities.


Integrate into a simple management centralized platform your different team activities.


We can integrate from or into your current system to achieve a global management solution.

Open wide to
many industry sectors!

SAM Plataform can be easily adapted to support many industry use cases in order to provide a digitial management solution adapted to user requirements.

It can cover digitial management gaps not covered by the traditional ERP solutions.

Native Blockchain

By using cryptography blockchain algorithms, SAM provides an inmutable data trail that can be easily audited to support third party claim requests.

It anchors with public blockchain networks as Ethereum to provide a source of Trust that can be certified.

Design your
own management platform!

Do you have a management product in mind that will cover the needs of your partners and customers? We can provide you a self brand SaaS managed solution.

Sell your own digitial management product.

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